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What YouTube video do people want to see now and in the future?

I love YouTube and a variety of videos that are being shared on the platform, other content on there is a bit much or just too silly for me but that's the beauty of it I suppose.

I basically wanna know what videos people want to see now in 2019 as well as in the future. Is there something that is missing or needs to be done better?

Do people want reviews or products and services? Or reviews of books and movies? Etc.

Please let me know, the more detail the better!

I'll pick the best answer to the most useful

Thanks! :)

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    5 months ago
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    i like movies and games reviews that are funny, dont have a 5 minutes long introduction to your channel asking me to like the video.....I dont like videos with more than 2 people in it...when people talk over each other...oooh i hate that...seems very amaturish...and and I love those everything wrong with videos...but I can never watch them because the ping sound is so repetitively annoying that I want to kill myself while watching

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    5 months ago

    it's not that simple. different people have different interests, and they aren't always the same as others.

    personally, i hate the videos where peoples' faces are in the corner, or in the video at all. seems kind of vain to me. but other people LOVE that crap.

    i'm also not crazy about them BEGGING for likes and subs at the end of every stupid video. we all know about the YT system. if we want to like or subscribe, we will. we don't need a reminder.

    but again, everyone has different interests. that is why there are so many categories in YT...

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    5 months ago

    Right now, people want stupid videos that they can use for memes. As for the future, I’m not a time traveller so I can’t answer that

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