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Game is lagging/ flickering?

Right so I have been playing Star Wars battlefront 2 (classic) for a long time on my laptop, as it is one of my favourite games and doesn't need a good laptop to run. Anyway, completely at random the game started flickering and does so whenever i launch it. I did use mods but I uninstalled all of them and it kept flickering. I have uninstalled the game multiple times and re-downloaded and it still occurred. However, weirdly the flickering stops whenever I change the volume but only whilst the volume bar is there. Any ideas to what might be happening are welcome. Thanks.

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    Hmm I just tried searching in internet, and some people said try run to turn off fullscreen optimalization in properties when you right click on game icon (if you're using Win 10) or run it in Windowed mode by adding parameter "/win" in launch option.

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    graphics card is loose, or dying

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