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Police finds/find the girls who are lost. (Here I'm using "lost" for the girls who lost their way home or kidnaped) Is it correct to use?

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    "Missing" would be the word to use if it's not known what happened to the girls. "Lost" implies that the girls simply wandered off. Perhaps they were hiking in the woods and couldn't find their way home. Were they lost or kidnapped? If it isn't known for sure, then they are "missing".

    Now let's look at your sentence. "Police finds/find the girls who are lost." Since the girls have been found, they are no longer lost, right? They "were" lost. Headlines often take liberty with correct grammar. As a headline, one might write "Police locate missing girls". If you're trying to write a proper sentence, "The police found the girls who were lost" or The police located the missing girls."

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    The police (they) find girls who are lost.

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    First, should clarify about whom the word "lost" is referencing. Perhaps the girls, themselves, knew where they were, and thus were not "lost," vs. having lost their bearings and do not know their way out of the forest, or does it refer to their parents, who lost sight of them because they, the parents, were shopping or watching a parade, and the location of the girls was not known to them — but the girls might well know where they are in the shopping mall, may know where their parents are, and may know where the car is parked and, thus, for all intents and purposes, are not lost.

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    If it's known that the girls were kidnapped, they were not 'lost'.

    The usual word when someone disappears and nobody knows what has happened to them is 'missing'. "Police find missing girls."

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    Police find the girls who were lost.

    Police find lost girls. If you want it as a headline

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    In Britain it would be seen as: "The police have found the girls who had disappeared". Some people might use the form: "...found the girls who were lost" but that form might seem unusual. Note my use of tenses.

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    Lost is correct for "lost their way home". But it is not appropriate for "kidnaped".

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    lost implies mislayed, id use missing

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