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James asked in TravelAsia PacificThailand · 11 months ago

Is it possible to get from the Bangkok Airport to the center without a taxi?

3 Answers

  • 11 months ago

    Yes , there are buses and even a subway.

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  • Yes, as long as you get into Bangkok between 6 am and midnight when the Airport Rail link is running. The Airport Rail Link connects you to the MRT underground at Makkasan City Interchange Station (MRT Petchaburi Station) and the BTS Skytrain at Phayathai Station. From Bangkok International Airport (Suvarnabhumi), the entrance to the Airport Rail Link service is on the First Floor.

    You can take the Airlink to Phayathai Station and then take the BTS to Siam Station which most call the center of the city. But if you are carrying baggage it will not be easy to get around especially in the heat of the day. A taxi will cost you about 350 to 400 baht for all who travel together in one small taxi. While the Airport link and BTS will cost 45 baht each on the city line and around 20 baht each to Siam Center on the BTS.

    My advice is to take a taxi and enjoy your vacation. Finding a hotel after you get to the city center may not be easy.

    Source(s): Live here.
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  • Satan
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    Yeah. Just walk. You can get pretty much anywhere just by walking

    • It's around 45 km to the city from the airport. You walk since you should love the heat of the day.

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