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Is it dangerous to swim in cold water?

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    It can be dangerous for those not acclimated to cold water. What you experienced was the natural process in getting acclimated to the cold water. Our body will first shunt the blood vessels to keep the internal organs warm. You must keep a good pace to generate enough heat to prevent hypothermia. As a marathon swimmer, I find myself in the water 6, 8, 10 hours at a time in water less than 60F. This took much time in acclimation and most people can do it, it’s just a matter of knowing the first few or more times will suck and also having people that know your ability recognize when it’s time to pull you from the water. Also don’t ever swim alone or be at least under supervision. Recently pulled a guy from the water having a seizure. If no one was there he would be dead. Seizure disorder and cold water don’t mix so if you have history stay out of the water. A good resource for cold water swimming is loneswimmer dot com. Not my page but the author really knows his stuff.

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    No. I grew up where the water was cold, even in summer. I used to swim in the sea and I loved it, but going in sometimes it was hard to catche my breath at first, and my skin, wrists and ankles just hurt for a while because it was so cold. Then after ten minutes of swimming it was fine.

    There is nothing wrong with it.

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    You are more likely to get hypothermia in cold water, which can lead to unconsciousness and then drowning or death. Also, even mild hypothermia can restrict your blood vessels and make it hard to swim and stay afloat. This can also lead to drowning.

    Overall, yes it’s more dangerous, but it’s less dangerous if it’s in a pool or some other monitored body of water that is easy to get out of.

    But if it’s in the ocean especially, or a dark lake, it’s very dangerous

    However, I went scuba diving at Lake Phoenix which is pretty cold, but I was wearing a dry suit during the scuba part. They also had an obstacle course in the water, including inflatables and slides and things to climb and a body-rocket you jumped off, that I and my spouse did while wearing just a regular swimsuit. It was freezing of course, but they gave you life jackets, so we couldn’t really drown, and also it was daylight out so it was easy to see.

    So sometimes it’s safe, but it can easily be dangerous

    Source(s): I do believe that diving in Coldwater can have long-term benefits to help your immune system. It probably hurts it in the short term but helps in the long term
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    It's supposed to be good for your skin! That's why you see those "polar bear" people swimming in cold water during the winter!

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    Winter swimming can be dangerous to people who are not used to swimming in very cold water. ... According to Tucker and Dugas, it takes more than approximately 30 minutes even in 0 °C water until the body temperature drops low enough for hypothermia to occur.

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