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Is this implantation? TTC Any idea on why this is happening?

So, I had confirmed ovulation(OPK, BBT, CM) a few days ago and had mild right sided cramping a two day before and a day after and now today it was a little sharper pain on and off then lasted about 5 minutes. Just now it moved down toward the uterine area but still right sided kinda and is dull achey pains currently. I’ve had the ovulation cramping every month before and after ovulation but not like this today. I got off of birth control about 10 months ago. any thought to what is going on? I’ve never been pregnant before. I’m 20 with no known health concerns.


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  • 6 months ago

    Update: today in the uterine area it feels like it’s tightening. I haven’t experienced that before. Frequent urination the past few days which I usually do a lot but it’s waking me up about 3-4 hours before my alarm in the mornings. I also have white cm kinda thick with no odor

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      Update: today I am 4 days from AF and have been having a fullness heavy feeling in the uterine area and a feeling like my bladder is full also. Mild cramping here and there.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I had the exact same as what you're describing. I just knew something was different and then I missed my period and it turned out I was pregnant!! Total shock as it wasn't planned. I'd definitely test if you miss your period!

    • emily6 months agoReport

      Do you remember cm changes or anything else?

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