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Pets- Ideas for a male dogs name please?

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    Oliver (Ollie).

  • Sky
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    When I adopted a puppy many years ago and needed a name, I just went to a baby name website and started browsing through the names until I collected a short list of names I really liked. Then I continued to whittle those down until I found one I liked the best and which seemed very fitting for her. I refused to give her a typical "dog name" because that tends to treat dogs more like a novelty than with respect as a person with a very unique personality.

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    If you can't think of a name, doesn't sound like you're bright enough to care for the dog. Surrender him.

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    Google can help you with that. Google ........

    Big male dog names

    Small male dog names

    Strong male dog names

    Short male dog names

    Names of Gods

    Funny male dog names

    Mexican, French male dog names

    Male names in the Bible

    Common male dog names

    Rare male dog names

    You got the idea, let your imagination sore. good luck.

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    Please give us some details like: color(s) breed mix, or personality to work with, or at least POST a picture of said dog. I am good with descriptive or interesting names, but normally I have more to work with.

    Anything you DON'T like or want in a name? I don't like common male human names - like Billy.

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    I usually have to know the character of the dog concerned, and see what name seems to fit! I had one puppy, during our 'H' names period who because he was a lemon/white colour, we named Harvester (+ my kennel affix). As we'd had a Harvey (our first) I didn't want to shorten his reg'd name to that. I remember sitting in the whelping box and talking to him .... he 'told me' he was Ben. Honestly! So that was what we called him (it was usually Vesta-Ben). I swear I knew that boy in a previous life.

    You might look at the names in his pedigree, if he has one, and see if there's one you might like. Always consider the fact you may be calling for him on a dark wet night!!

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    Boris. Minimum length.

  • Billy
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    1 year ago

    I called mine '5 miles' So I can tell everyone I walk 5 miles every day.

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