do big tech companies dominate the internet now?

where as, years ago the internet used to be open and free, the wild west days of the it not that way anymore because big tech companies dominate the internet?

or is the internet still open and free in your opinion?

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    5 months ago
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    For now, for the most part, it is still open & free.

    The big tech companies do operate a lot of what most people use on a daily basis, but they haven't 'closed' the internet so to speak, again, for now...

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    The "Big tech companies"are in NO WAY WHATSOEVER "dominating the internet".

    The entire design, creation, ethical theory & PURPOSE of the internet is to openly share what'son 1 computer with any other computer that wants to connect to it - as long as the owner of the computer You're connecting to wants to let You in.

    Although a HUGE amount of what people look for online these days IS AVAILABLE FROM / ON the websites of "big tech companies" (thanks to smartphones & other devices being obtrusively & violatingly nosey), there are still a VERY large number of actual people & organizations that host completely independent wesites for all kinds of purposes, limited only by their internet connection speed, hardware availableto run it from,& the abilities tomaintain it all with their personal skillsets.

    These include (but are not limited to) fan websites for EVERYTHING, private stories &/or articles (blogs, Vlogs, etc.) by Authors on any subject / topic under the sun, forums for reference materials & Q&A about things (- like Y!Answers or a forum run by the core release creators for linux distros), or just for somebody to share personal vacation photos with the public.

    The unfortunate part is that most modern people have absolutely no clue how to actually create a website or host it on their own computers anymore, which means that all the rules of what'smade available are decided by the "big tech companies"mentioned in the question.

    The current generation of internet users / sharers are falling into the cookie-cutter posting habits that centralize all Your stuff under their control, & keeps things online forever even if You make a mistake & put the wrong stuff up.



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    5 months ago

    at the moment it is, at least in the US.

    but there are lobbyists trying to constantly limit what people can and cannot do online, and trying to make it so your internet provider can limit your connection based on who pays them the most...beware.

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    The same thing is happening with the Internet that happened with radio and TV broadcasting. In the 1920s there was a lot of talk about radio being a great tool for learning, for news and information, to get the word out about things, etc. But within a few years it was almost totally given over to commercial networks for them to make big profits. The same kinds of things were said about TV in the late 1940s/early 50s, that it could be a wonderful resource for learning, traveling vicariously, watching our govt. in action, etc. etc. But TV also was mostly given over to corporate profits. Reagan's 'reform' of the FCC ended with TV networks being GIVEN their spots on the air--in fact it was the biggest govt. giveaway of public property in our history.

    Now it's the Internet. Google, Microsoft, Apple, and a few more outfits, want the Internet to be THEIR property, even though we ALL paid for it! For many years the greatest thing about the Internet was that everyone could use it to promulgate ideas. Someone could read your vlog or comments as easily as they could those of Google. The end of Net Neutrality stopped all that. It left it to your ISP to decide what you could get access to and what you couldn't.

    Under what I call 'American-Style Capitalism', corporate profits are the top priority. We value things based on their ability to make profits for big corporations. So people naturally think that's what the Internet is for!

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    5 months ago

    Amazon should control because Amazon is the best.

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