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Is there any tv show, where the main female character was pregnant in real life and on the show, had the baby, and that specific baby was on?

the show, as opposed to hiring a baby actor? Which tv show?

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    5 months ago

    You mean the actresses actual child appeared on the show? I think that Desi Arnaz Jr might have appeared as Little Ricky on I Love Lucy, but that's about it.

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    Theres many shows that have real pregnancies but I cant think of any with the real babies. However in Maleficent, the kid who played like baby Aurora was Angelina Jolie's daughter because she was the only little girl who wouldnt be afraid of Jolie's costume. In movies and shows, newborn babies are usually acted by sets of multiples (twins triplets). These babies are also usually born premature so they look like newborns even at a couple months in age. Babies have to be a certain age to work in Hollywood and theres strict restrictions on hours they can work which is why they use multiples, so they can work each baby separately for more screentime overall. An example of this is Full House, which the Olsen twins shared a character if I recall correctly.

  • Mark
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    5 months ago

    Not exactly, but Lucille Ball was pregnant with Lucy Jr at the time of her pregnancy on the programme. The big diff is that in the show, the baby was a boy. (Desi Jr was born a few years later.) Both of Lucy's real-life children played her TV children in a later series, when they were teenagers.

  • 5 months ago

    'I love Lucy' broke a lot of barriers by doing just that.

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