In the last measure of Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude, each of the two chords has a figure 8 underneath them. What do they mean?

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Is it a 8vb?

    The final chord has a C1 and C2 sounding (written out in some editions of the piece).

    8vb/8va are written sometimes to denote something sounding an octave lower or higher

    If it's just an 8, it eludes to the same thing. Often times (especially in the Baroque era) there will be figures underneath the notes implying the harmony/intervals.



    means that given the lowest note, there is a raised 3rd above it, and a 6th above it as well.

    So an 8 may be used similarly for neater notation (rather than looking at extra ledger lines) that there is a lower note to be played of the interval of an 8th (octave).

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