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Why do two wrongs not make a right?

I never in my life understood that at all. Why is it wrong to wrong someone that’s wronged you?


Why vengeance is about making things right is because of the eye for an eye. Only the person that did the first wrong is at the wrong. The person that retaliated never is because that person can never be the one that started it.

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    Because revenge just makes everything worse

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    because it's both wrong

    wrong is wrong

    bad is bad


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    If person A murders person B, how would that make person C murdering person D right? The two events are unrelated even if person D is family of person A. "Two wrongs make a right" is considered as a fallacy of relevance in philosophy.

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    Because three rights make a left.

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    Peter Gore Seer,

    But Wrongs Are Creating A Right, Right For A Bible, Is It Wrong To Kill And Conquer, Bible Pushers Have No 1 Killed And No 2 Conquered, And Believe It To Be Right, Why Do You Think I Am Banned From Most Of The Web?.

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    The 'eye for an eye' principle puts to right the wrong that a person did.

    The wrongdoer is punished proportionately for what he or she did wrong.

    There must be no vengeance in that biblical principle.

    There is nothing wrong with giving proportionate punishment to a law-breaker.

    But vengeance is based on spite and hatred and a desire to not just 'get even' with the one you are offended against, but to go one better (or worse, actually). It is wrong, in itself, and creates more harm, more ill-will, and on-going desire to perpetuate the retaliation. That is how feuds get going, and may last for centuries. If you cannot see how wrong that is, then you have no thought for anything but to satisfy your injured pride.

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    Because the end does not justify the means, of course, silly.

  • Paul
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    The only part of your question that matters is - "Why is it wrong to wrong someone?". Wrong is wrong regardless of circumstances. If you wrong someone who doesn't wrong you, you are totally responsible for what you have done. If you wrong someone who has wronged you, you are totally responsible for what you have done.

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    Whoever believes in the hereafter (the believer), saying the minor and serious wrongs, then he can override the first and leave the latter to the day of the last judgment, if he does not succeed here -low.

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    Proverbs 24:29 - “Do not say: ‘Just as he did to me, so I am going to do to him.’'

    Taking it upon ourselves to act in a vengeful way is emotionally and physically damaging as it takes away from our peace. And, above all, God will be the one to judge. People who do what is wrong will "reap what they sow" and suffer the consequences of not gaining God's favor.

    That is why in Proverbs 29:11, it says “All his spirit is what a stupid one lets out, but he that is wise keeps it calm to the last,” says the Bible." Doing what is right will keep us from suffering the same punishment as the one who did us wrong.

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    What makes you believe vengeance is about making things right.

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