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Would storming Area 51 help stop Donald trump and get him out of office?

If the storm Area 51 thing actually happens and results in the military shooting over a hundred thousand or so it would overwhelm area healthcare systems and be difficult to treat survivors and such and the whole situation would have drastic impacts on the world that would potentially embarrass trump as commander in chief of the military in the eyes of the WORLD and would have major ripple effects in global politics

This might occur if the total number show up

Criminal Justice System overwhelmed with arrests to the point that it is impossible to incarcerate the total and the whole system collapses

Healthcare system overwhelmed with sound victims, who refuse to pay medical bills bankrupting and collapsing nevada’s Healthcare system by uncompensated care, forcing the need for Medicare for all

US embarrassed for suppressing future technologies for religious and ideological reasons

Collapse of the Christian Faith in the face of proof of its invalidity by finding extraterrestrial life. As well as the collapse of other world religions

Trump impeached for allowing the use of military force on Us citizens or potential UN troop involvement or potential European intervention in removing him from office

Mass numbers of disability following survivors of the storming Area 51 sufficient to collapse the economy forcing trump to abdicate.

If the Area 51 invasion happens could it potentially help stop trump?

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    Yes it will be huge issue

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    Let me start with this statement:

    "Collapse of the Christian Faith in the face of proof of its invalidity by finding extraterrestrial life. As well as the collapse of other world religions."


    As a credential MINSTER with my denomination, let me assure you that if an alien spacecraft were to land in our church parking lot this Sunday Morning at 10:45 AM, it would not even change our schedule of services for the day. We would ask them to move the spacecraft though, as we have limited parking space. We have elderly that really NEED to be able to park near the door.

    Seriously. We're not going to interrupt our morning worship just to conduct First Contact with aliens. But don't get the wrong idea. The aliens WOULD be welcome to come in and join us for the service if they so wished. We'd love to have them.

    Nothing in The Scriptures or in the Christian Faith precludes the existence of aliens. I knew one pastor who interpreted certain passages in scripture as PROOF that there WAS sentient life on other planets. People who think that proof of alien life would cause even a hiccup in the faith of most Christians, or of any other religion, simply don't understand those religions.

    As for Catholics, the Pope has already stated that alien life is quite possible and perfectly compatible with the Catholic Faith. No worries there. Most Jews would have no religious difficulties either. The Orthodox Jews will not interrupt their Sabbath to make First Contact though, so if the aliens show up between sunset on Friday and sunset on Saturday … they'll just have to WAIT!

    I don't know enough about most other religions to know what their specific response will be, but I doubt that aliens landing in the parking lots of their houses of worship right before services will do anything other than create a parking issue.

    Now, as to the rest of your question:

    Let's address your first statement, "...the military shooting over a hundred thousand or so it would overwhelm area healthcare systems and be difficult to treat survivors ...".

    What survivors? Do you really think there'd be survivors? If that many people try to storm Area 51, they won't be shot. They'll be cluster bombed by F-16's. No one will survive. You won't have 100K survivors. You'll have 100K corpses. Some napalm after the fact will burn the bodies to a crisp, so no need to worry about decomposition. Their charred remains will be left in the field as a warning to others.

    What impact do you think it will have on the world? That many freeloaders no longer an issue? The US economy would improve overnight. I don't know that the rest of the world would even notice.

    No other country will CARE, btw.

    Why you think this would, " … embarrass trump as commander in chief of the military in the eyes of the WORLD … " I have no idea. If he actually let 100K people storm a military base, THAT would embarrass him. If he neutralizes them, he's just doing his JOB.

    There will be no overwhelming of Nevada's healthcare system since dead people can't be treated for anything.

    A President has to commit a crime to be impeached. The military using lethal force to keep a top secret facility secure is NOT illegal. It is NOT a crime. There will be no impeachment. Democrats will rant and rave, no doubt, for votes. But there will be no impeachment.

    Again … no massive disability. We're talking about DEAD people, not injured people.

    But don't get TOO worried. There's no way the bunch who's pushing this can POSSIBLY organize 100,000 people. I don't think they can organize 100 people. I seriously doubt this is going to happen.

    Understand this: The Area 51 compound is roughly the size of CONNETICUT!! Seriously. The actual hangars and such are so far from the perimeter that the Airforce will have ample time to respond. The people pushing this on Social Media are just CLUELESS.

    In all likelihood, even if 100K people did show up, they're likely to scatter and flee after the first volley of warning shots (which I'm sure will be fired before the F-16's carpet bomb the crowd). I don't see 100,000 people of this ilk risking DEATH for this. I'm sure that once they understand that this could get them KILLED, they will turn around and run home as fast as they can go.

    Edit to add: Even if I thought there WERE aliens there, I would not risk my life to see them.

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    Of course not, the shooting would be covered up, also its justified if they warn you before hand and you do not listen.

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    All they will find at Area 51 are the working McDonald's ice cream machines.

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      Yes, but those are based on alien technology, so …

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    Stupid is as stupid does.

    Once people start dying the rest will turn and run.

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      Unless the USAF just carpet bombs the crowd all at once. I'm sure they'll fire warning shots though. Maybe kill a few of the people in front just to see if that's enough to turn the others around. I hope so.

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    The democrats storming Area 51 are trying to find out if space aliens helped the Russians??

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    5 months ago

    You sad lad........

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    Hell....if they are that stupid shooting them would be doing the world a favor.

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