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If you thought someone you didn't really know stepped in crap, would you say something to them or ignore it?

Saturday I drove my friend and his cousin who was visiting to the lake.

When we were leaving the lake and I got back in my truck, I thought his cousin stepped in crap because the truck reeked really bad. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t see anything on her sandal by me and didn’t know how she would react since she was really shy.

I never used my truck Sunday, but I had to take my little brother and sister to church camp yesterday morning. When I got in my truck after locking up the house, it reeked and I saw something was tracked all over the bump in the middle. At first I thought my sister had stepped in something but she showed me her flip flops were clean and then I saw the crap on the bump was dry.

I then remembered my friends cousin was riding there Saturday and the truck reeked and knew she had definitely stepped in dog crap Saturday.

Wondering if people would tell someone they don’t really know if they thought they may have stepped in crap or would just let it slide. It really sucked cleaning up the crap in my truck today but not sure what she would have done if I had accused her of stepping in crap yesterday. She was awkward enough in my truck going to and from the lake.

Should I have said something when I thought my truck smelled or let it slide like I did? If it was someone I knew better, I would have asked them to check their shoes when I smelled something, but she was so uptight riding in my truck that I wasn’t comfortable saying anything.

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    the minute I smelled it I would have declared, "OK--get out now--one of us has stepped in a pile--shoe check!" and I'd check my shoe and rub it off on the grass...that way you don't pinpoint someone or blame them--and if they are really shy they can just wipe their foot off and pretend it was someone else....and your car wouldn't reek right now!

  • steve
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    5 months ago

    Of course I would. If I am walking in the park and I saw a complete stranger about to unwittingly step in dog crap I would shout and warn them.

    If someone was in my car and had dog **** on their shoes I would make them get out and clean them before we continued even if they were someone I didn't know.

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    Identify the person with the crap on their shoes, and ensure they clean up their footwear as soon as possible.

  • Pearl
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    5 months ago

    i wouldve told her before she got in your truck to get the stuff off your shoes

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  • 5 months ago

    As the crap was already in your truck before you noticed, I'm not sure how it would have helped matters if you'd mentioned it to your cousin's friend.

    And in any case how do you know it wasn't you, or the cousin, who had stepped in it?

    I also wonder why it is that these two young women BOTH felt shy and uneasy being in your truck with you. .

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