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Big boobs problem?

Im 14 years old and i have huge boobies, they are not pretty or hot, they are huge, and sloppy, and i don’t know why i have them, but my big sister have double the size i have, and my mom has tiny boobs, iv’e been trying to work out to see if they woukd get smaller but no, they won’t, i feel fat because of them, and if i use a sport bra they just hang

I want to get rid if them but i don’t know how,

I can’t wear shirts i want to wear and i just look stupid, girls in my class thinks im faking them, like putting paper inside my bra or something, but the last thing i want is big boobs, and suggestions on how to get them smaller?

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    Unless you are overweight and they are large due to excess body fat, the only way to reduce them is reduction surgery. Working out won't make them smaller unless you virtually starve yourself so that your body is forced to use the fat in your breasts for energy, but that would be unhealthy and would not likely provide a permanent solution.

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    It's called breast reduction, don't know if they will do in on a 14 year old or not, usually wait until you are fully grown.

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    that is so adorable <3

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    The only way to make them smaller is through surgery. I'm sorry that you don't like your boobs. It's not good to dislike any part of one's body. This is a common problem, and by the time you're 18, you'll probably like them a lot.

    Some bras are more supportive than others. Have you tried an underwire bra? Sweatshirts and sweaters can be baggy. Also, suits and vests obscure the size of boobs.

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    u can always get a reduction down the line

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