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If you have done the ethical approval in England how can you convert it to IRB?

Can you just write a document merging the two or something?


Say you obtained informed consent and now you want to write a IRB, except the study was carried out with another form. Is it ok to write your own ethical approval following the IRB guidelines, but still as a document/letter (legal) rather than a different format. I do not know why it's being asked, as usually they only want the declaration.

Update 2:

It is possible my co-author badmouthed me, but because he doesn't know this stuff, so it could be why, but still, I'm trying to assess whether it's a reasonable or an unreasonable request by the journal, because it is a good paper and my co-author proof-read it, which is why I am adding him, and I did not have anyone else, only reason why I added him.

Update 3:

But bottom line it is a good paper, so I do not know if the journal is being reasonable or unreasonable.

Update 4:

It doesn't. I was told wrong, I don't need a IRB. Some people say wrong, it's not my fault lol.

Update 5:

Thanks. So you also think it is being unreasonable. Yes, it's odd. It's ok, I'll write a letter explaining that the IRB is not required for x, y, z reasons.

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    None of that makes sense.

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