What does it mean if your left ear 'blocks up' when you turn your head to the right, and the right ear does the same when turning left?

I've had ongoing ear problems for the past 7 years. My ears are sensitive to sound, left ear to movement too. There's a constant low 'rumbling' sound as if blood is pooling and rushing in my ears accompanied by a feeling of fullness. I have tinnitus too. The fullness and rumbling can amplify out of nowhere and my chest closes up when this happens too (like asthma symptoms).

My chiropractor gave me some neck exercises to do in between adjustments for my neck (it isn't curved enough) and I noticed that when I turn right, my left ear 'flares up' and the same with my right ear when I turn to the left- my ears feel fuller and that bass-y, rumbling sound is much louder like the blood is rushing or trapped in the ear. This makes me think there's something wrong with blood flow in my ears. What do you think? I've seen a number of specialists over the years, but no one seems to take me seriously enough to do any problem solving...

This condition has been driving me crazy. My flare ups got so bad they were happening multiple times an hour. I couldn't do anything. Even making a meal was a challenge because the pressure was so intense in my ears and my head. Exercising makes this worse, so I can't even keep myself fit. I'm only 25. At the very least, my chiropractor has taken the edge off and I rarely get these attacks, just a mild form of them that never goes away...


Oh, and by saying my ears are sensitive to sound, I mean, my ears literally shudder whenever I hear a sound- loud sounds are even worse and result in an even more violent 'shudder'. It feels like my eardrum is flapping back and forth and there's a sound that accompanies it- like a birds wings flapping or someone literally flicking the eardrum. My left ear shudders like this from movement alone- for example, if I do a squat, it happens every time I stand back up.

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  • 1 year ago

    Water in the ears... a hint is mix rubbing alcohol and vinegar. As homemade ear drops.

    Source(s): Edit do not use the hydrogen peroxide that will sting worse... And could make your ears woRse. Edit number two you can use baking soda and water to do the same ...
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