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Feminists: is your womb sexist? Is it a social construct?

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    If feminism is about people not being prevented from doing things because of their “gender”, then OBVIOUSLY the distinction between sex and gender is not “irrelevant” you idiot. You’re only showing your mix of confusion, evasion, and intellectual dishonesty.

    So since pregnancy is not a social construct, then, according to you, it is “irrelevant” to any question of discrimination on the ground of “gender”.


    So is it okay to discriminate on the ground of sex, or not?

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    My reproductive anatomy is neither inherently sexist, nor a social construct. And, in fact, sex (in the "which sex are you" sense) is not a social construct, though it is not quite as black-and-white as some people seem to think it is (for example, intersex people exist, and it appears to be the case that at least some trans people have identifiably cross-sex brains--ie on a brain scan, at least some trans men have male-looking brains, and at least some trans women have female-looking brains)

    Gender, however, is (at least mostly) a social construct. There is nothing inherently feminine about, for example, skirts, or the color pink. There is nothing inherently masculine about tuxedos, or the color blue.

    Some of the things we associate with women vs men are at least *somewhat* based on the average capabilities and/or characteristics of women vs men, but few if any are any kind of absolute. For example, the average man is physically stronger than the average woman, but there are women out there who can dead-lift more than the average man, and the difference between men's and women's average strength isn't *that* huge. So while more men than women are suited to be, say, firefighters, that doesn't mean all men can and/or no women can meet the criteria.

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      So why should people be imprisoned for recognising that male and female are not the same?

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    5 months ago

    No one says this

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      Answer the question.

  • My guess is you don't know what feminism is and that you've bought into all the conservative propaganda that portrays it in a very negative light. One way I know this is because both men and women can be feminists.

    "Answer the question you turd."

    Your question is irrelevant because it has nothing to do with feminism you dolt.

    Feminism is being about equal opportunities for all. That nobody should be prevented from doing anything they want because of their gender OR conversely forced to do something because of their gender. This benefits both men and women.

    Pregnancy is not a social construct.

    What this appears to be about is you trying to enforce strict gender stereotypes on women and limit their opportunities. Hence your harsh misogynistic attitude.

    edit: Talk about someone who's touchy; you have an anger management problem. Please see someone about that. I'm not going to waste my time with you since you obviously had an agenda from the start and your question is not legit as a result. You are abusing the question and answer format. Have a good day.


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      Equal opportunity is such a high value that we are justified in using force and threats on non-consenting persons, and hence the ethical justification of equal opportunity legislation?


      You agree?


      Your ad hominem and evasion only prove my point, not yours.

      Answer, fool.

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