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Why does my moms bf acts like he’s my dad ??? I’m so tired of her and it annoys me that he’s trying to act like he’s my dad when idk him?

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  • Z
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    5 months ago

    What if he behaved as if you were not his son? Would you have liked him better? It might be annoying to you, but try to condone him since he has chosen the more honourable path - which is to try and see you as his son since he loves your mum.

  • Pearl
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    5 months ago

    rnaybe you need to ask hirn this question

  • 5 months ago

    Without getting angry or anything and falling out with your mother, just tell her that you feel her b/f is taking liberties in acting as a new dad. You have a father already and won't be considering her b/f as a substitute father any time soon. Say you like him etc even though you don't know him that well - but you feel he's going too fast in behaving like a 'dad' to you and you'd rather he didn't do it. Hopefully she will pass it on to him and he'll lay off a bit. He's probably eager to have a 'family' and is doing it because he thinks it'll please you both. Let her know that it doesn't please you and you'd rather he was just her boyfriend who you can get along with.

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