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How much can a 2.99 gpa raise in four semesters with straight A’s?

I have finished my freshman and sophomore year and let’s just say I slacked off because I didn’t realize how important school is. I’m going into junior year with a 2.99 which I brought upon myself, but if I were to get straight A’s or A+’s for all my junior and senior year how much would my gpa go up? I know I can do it if I put my all into getting those grades I just can’t procrastinate. I’ve been trying to figure it out but I can’t tell if I’m calculating it right or not.

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    it would rise to a 3.5 with rounding if you take the same amount of classes that affect your GPA.

    You could also study for standardized tests to get those scores higher than average which would be helpful too. Not only the SAT but you could choose an SAT subject test relevant to whatever major you end up choosing.

  • Anonymous
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    thats a pretty low gpa. should be higher! your parents must be very ashamed of you, how f*cking worthless are you?!

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    A 3.45

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