Is it possible to find a short person in the Netherlands who is completely Dutch ancestry?

So like not due to someone from say Nepal moved to Netherlands of course that’s Nepalese ancestry

But Someone pure Dutch some girl who is less than 150cm and not related to any particular cause but just was meant to be 145cm and happy living in Netherlands riding a little bicycle

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  • 5 months ago
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    Although the Dutch are tall on average, there are short Dutch people.

    • Eric5 months agoReport

      Are there any 150-cm Dutch women ?

  • Orla C
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    No. Nobody is pure anything.

  • Zirp
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    sure. We're not immune to the causes of dwarfism or anything like that

  • 5 months ago

    Edit: Pauline Musters was Dutch 19th century and she was fully grown 61.5-cm , yes your Netherlands holds the short record ! Amazing

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