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Modern middle name for Margaret (Maggie)?

My boyfriend and I have been talking about babies and he’s dead set on the name Margaret. I love Maggie, but what do we do for a middle name? I’ve only seen older, traditional middle names paired with the name (Grace, Ann, Kate, etc) and I personally hate all of them... I would love a more modern, unique pairing. Suggestions?

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    1 year ago

    Since Margaret is an old fashioned name I would pair it with a more modern name.

    Margaret Olivia

    Margaret Jocelyn

    Margaret Laurel

    Margaret Natalia

    Margaret Brooke/Brooklyn

    Margaret Corinne

    Margaret Eden

    Margaret Elena

    Or maybe this is more your style

    Margaret Frances

    Margaret opal

    Margaret Hildegard

    Margaret Olga

    Margaret Hattie

    Margaret phoebe

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    1 year ago

    Margaret Evelyn, like Margaret Evelyn "Maggie" Simpson.

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    Celeste or Kaitlin.

  • 1 year ago

    Faye would be a fabulous name.

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    1 year ago

    Margaret Annaliese;

    Margaret Madison;

    Margaret Chloe;

    Margaret Meala / Milla;

    Margaret Zara;

    Margaret Reese;

    Margaret Harlow;

    Margaret Keela;

    Margaret Mia;

    Margaret Audrina;

    Margaret Eden;

    Margaret Keeva;

    Margaret Roxanna;

    Margaret Willow;

    Margaret Alayna;

    Margaret Nadine;

    Margaret Adalynn;

    Margaret Dakota;

    Margaret Neve;

    Margaret Esmé;

    Margaret Freya;

    Margaret Avalynn;

    Margaret Maya;

    Margaret Adele;

    Margaret Maeve;

    Margaret Aria;

    Margaret Rhea;

    Margaret Cerise;

    Margaret Jocelyn;

    Margaret Sian;

    Margaret Madelyn;

    Margaret Zoey;

    Margaret Riley;

    Margaret Corinne;

    Margaret Dylanne;

    Margaret Arielle;

    Margaret Shiloh;

    Margaret Honor;

    Margaret Savannah;

    Margaret Elle;

    Margaret Season;

    Margaret Isla;

    Margaret Jade;

    Margaret Emilyn;

    Margaret Linnea;

    Margaret Brynn;

    Margaret Enna;

    Margaret Siena;

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    Is there a place name that means something to you which could be used as a middle name?

    You could also use the first or middle name, or a version of the first or middle name, of someone you love as a middle name.

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    Margaret is a great name and I personally like the nickname "Margie". As for middle names, how about: Margaret Bethany, Margaret Emily, Margaret Brianne.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Ellen, Rose, Lily, Lauren, Anya, April, Jess, Scarlet, Rhianne

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    This depends entirely on what the last name will be. And if you use a middle name then you pair it with the formal version "Margaret" even if you call her Maggie. Maybe pick a family name or a name that you really work and play with it. Like Margaret Finn or Margaret Anya. You have to determine if the middle name works best if it's one syllable or two with the last name. If you name after a grandparent or a great grandparent then you would capture some of those older names that are coming back again. Who in the world thought George or Archie would ever be popular again until the Royals used those names. It really has to be something that you like. And hate to break it to your boyfriend but sometimes you have the name all picked out and you look at your kid and you're like "nah - that's not a Margaret"

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