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What s the difference between "private room in bed and breakfast" and "entire bed and breakfast"?

I thought bed and breakfast was simply the idea of having breakfast brought to you in a room you re renting. So does the entire part mean the entire building? How does that make sense

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    "Entire" would mean the whole house. The proprietors may come in (or send someone in) to make everyone breakfast. A private room in a bnb means you have a room in which to sleep and probably go to a central dining room for breakfast with others who have their own private rooms.

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    You thought wrong.

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    A Bed and Breakfast establishment is a house that has been converted.

    It serves home cooked breakfast, and sometimes lunch and or dinner in the dining room. Room service for meals may or may not be available.

    Some B&Bs rent out the entire house to groups or families. Some B&Bs have multiple beds in one room.

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    it rneans people share sorne of those roorns unless you rent your own

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  • 5 months ago

    It doesn't make sense, you total tube.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Bed and breakfast means you get breakfast with bed, not in bed, breakfast is served in dining room of establishment

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    A bed and breakfast is usually a house that has been converted into overnight lodgings. It usually includes a home cooked breakfast. The meal may or may not be brought to your room.

    Private room would be a single room in such an accommodation, and it may or may not include a meal.

    Entire bed and breakfast would be having booked all the rooms and breakfast for all guests.

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