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Do wrestlers like Rey Mysterio wear their masks when they go out places? Like to the supermarket and all?

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    Not unless they are doing it as personal appearances. Otherwise they leave the masks at home so they can shop like regular people.

  • 5 months ago

    no only when they wrestle

  • 5 months ago

    No but wwe would like you to believe he does, lol

  • No that's one of the main benefits of wearing a mask. When you take it off you're supposed to be able to go about your business in public and not be recognized.

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    It's not common. I've heard stories of luchadors putting on their masks in public in Mexico to get preferred treatment though. They're not just walking around all day in their masks though. There are quite a few laws prohibiting someone who isn't a minor from wearing masks in public around the world. They're contentious, and I don't know if Mexico has any of these laws, but unless a luchador's making a public appearance for television or wrestling, they usually travel around in their day to day lives without their mask on.

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