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Is Becky Lynch crying because Baron Corbin hit her?

She's probably crying to Seth Rollins, 'He hit me, waaaa, Kiss my boobo'.

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    Becky is crying because ever since Seth lost his belt, he is no longer able to get "on hard"

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    You're acting as if this has never happened in wrestling before, lol.

    Randy Orton gave Nia Jax and Stacy Keibler an RKO....and even Lilian Garcia was put through a table by "3 Minute Warning". I give them a TON of credit for taking those bumps, because they aren't easy to do....whether you're male or female!

  • She's crying because she punches harder than Baron Corbin. Enzo Amore hits harder than Baron Corbin.

  • 5 months ago

    No she's not crying.

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    Dearie, It is pro-wrestling. It is scripted, It is choreographed, It is bally-hoo for the masses.

    If she is crying it is on the way to the bank for joy.

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    I doubt the man is crying with the man.

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