Holiday destination ideas for a single 42 year old male, going solo... Anywhere that is cheap when you get there?

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  • Kelly
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    1 year ago
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    Where are you from? Since you say "Holiday" I'm guessing you're somewhere in Europe, UK or Australia we say "vacation" in the US & Canada.

    I solo travel often and it's relatively inexpensive to vacation/holiday in Europe, not near what people think it is. I went to Europe for 3 weeks last summer and spent about $1500 total, in the US I would have spent at least double that.

    One way to save is to travel to places where you really won't need a car and can rely on public transportation. NYC, London, Paris, Chicago, Las Vegas. Places like Florida or California, you would need a car.

    Las Vegas there is a lot to do even if you don't gamble and there's surprisingly a lot to do there that is free. In "old town" there is a lot of very inexpensive places too eat. That is "off strip" or sometimes known as "fremont street". The older hotels are down there too and they're also cheaper than staying on the strip but the strip really is not a walking distance and the monorail doesn't go that far. You'd need to use a taxi or the city bus. Myself, I use the city bus, it's like $20 for a 3 day pass and a lot of locals ride it that are usually willing to help if you don't know where something is (I'd ask the driver myself). You can also take day trips to the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, etc by a motor coach tour.

    I don't eat out every meal, wherever I'm staying.. I go to the closest supermarket and get a few things.

    I plan many of my excursions before I go (and pay for them too). I also learn the public transportation system. I usually travel by train/subway, bus, etc.

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  • 1 year ago

    If you are in the UK, then places like Poland and Bulgaria can be pretty cheap. It depends on what you are after. Cultural or beach? Krakow has interesting culture, somewhere like Sophia in Bulgaria has both as it is next to the sea. If you are after a cheap beach holiday, then check out Spain and Portugal.

    It may also depend on what airport or airline you are flying from. This year especially, I found that some great bargains meant arriving in a strange city at close to midnight (which as a female, I was not happy with so discounted those). Some flights were with Ryanair where you have to be able to pack incredibly lightly in the small bag allowed on the plane - add the cost of either hand luggage or a checked in bag and the cost skyrockets.

    Check out Easyjet holidays and BA holidays, On the Beach and Last Minute for inspiration.

  • drip
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    1 year ago

    Vegas. Most hotels and food is cheap there.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    i wanna go to Seattle

  • Spike
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    1 year ago

    Here goes some ideas.

    Las Vegas NV

    Reno NV

    Portland OR

    North Dakota

    Seattle WA


    Nokesville VA

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