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Does my teacher hate me?

I spoke to my teacher about my progress and he got mad that I was taking 6-7 college classes and said that “ I probably would have gotten this done if I wasn’t doing 1,000 things at a time, am I right?” He said it in a very angry tone. he thought that I was doing too many projects for all of my classes that week cause I had him as a teacher two days in a row & he saw me in school from 8am yesterday and knew that I was there until 10pm and then the next day was there at 8am and I was working nonstop before class and a student comes by and wanted to show me something..I possibly worked while talking to them and he was staring at me the whole time which was awk & came over to ask what I was doing & tried to tell me that my design looked good for that class but I guess he was annoyed that I was working on something else beforehand..why would a teacher be so angry at me?

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    Teachers don't have the time or energy to 'hate' their students. But possibly he finds you extremely annoying.

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    If you are taking an excessive schedule & using that as an excuse to request any special consideration, or for missing deadlines for submission of homework, term papers, etc. the teacher is right to be angry with you. If you overload & cannot keep up, that's your fault, not the professor's, and you cannot expect any special consideration.

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      I don’t get why he was so mad at me

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    I don't believe any of this. Even college students don't take 6-7 college classes.

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