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Am I todo old to upload covers to Youtube? I'm 25 and maybe I want to be famous?

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    5 months ago

    covers are against YT rules, unless you own the copyright, or get permission from whoever does.

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    Nope, no such thing as "too old" to do YouTube.... there's plenty of oldies on there holding their own.

    Dr Lee (aka Dad to YouTubers "DemolitionRanch", "OperatorDrewski" + Mark aka "Homemade Everything") also has a channel with a pretty large following with 69,000 subscribers.

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    Scotty Kilmer is in his Mid 60's now, and has a successful car repair channel that's almost up to 2.5million followers.

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    All the other significant users who started at around 24/25yrs old are now hovering around 28 to 36yrs old.... I know Matt from DemoRanch is about 32yrs old now, Roman Atwood turned 36 a couple of months ago, and Rob from LunkersTV is about 29/30(ish) now.

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    5 months ago

    Ok. No one can guarantee what would happen if/when you upload them but nothing preventing you from doing that.

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    There's no upper age limit to YouTube. If you want to upload covers, go right ahead. Just be wary of copyright claims from the owners. Especially UMG.

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