Who was the best chess player of all time?

There are many notable chess players in history--Bobby Fischer, Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, and Emanuel Lasker, just to name a few. It is impossible to say for sure who was the GOAT, but who do you think was the best?

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    to me its sort of an impossible question, because modern players are better, but they are better because they have better tools for training at their disposal. take morphy and carlsen for instance, morphy might be the most innovative player in history and the strongest player at the time, and carlsen might be the strongest overall player in history and is innovative compare to his top competitors. but if carlsen went back in time without the aid of the modern training that has made him such a strong player would he innovate the game as much as morphy did? and if morphy went forward in time, would he become as strong as carlsen is? i think the answer to both is no. so i try to think of a list of players for whom the answer to both might be yes...who could innovate like morphy while still being able to train and obsess and memorize like carlsen? capablanca? fischer? its hard to take players out of their eras and try to compare them like this.

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    Bobby. He was the Wayne Gretsky of chess. The Great One. Others may one day pile up more points, but for his time and place he was god like.

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    Lasker. 27 years as undisputed grand champion.

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  • 5 months ago

    Considering that Magnus Carlsen has the highest rating ever (2882) I'd have to say that he was.

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