Is U.S. money worth less in England?

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  • Andrew
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    3 months ago

    It would be worth the same in England as it would be anywhere else in the United Kingdom - as of right now, $1.00 would be worth £0.83, or 83 pence; however, that's only the exchange rate - it wouldn't be possible to procure goods or services anywhere in the UK with US dollars because the US dollar is not an acceptable form of currency for payment anywhere in the UK, except under very specific circumstances. You would have to exchange your US dollars for British pounds to be able to make transactions. So to answer your question, US dollars are definitely worth less in the UK than they would be in the US for the plain and simple fact that they are not an acceptable form of currency. Furthermore, any bank or money exchange is obviously going to tack on a fee for buying US dollars from you and furnishing you with British pounds, so you will not receive the exact equivalent, but always slightly less.

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    4 months ago

    It is worth nothing, you cannot use american money in england.

    • John P
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      3 months agoReport

      The US dollar is now (late August 2019) worth slightly more against the pound that it was 6 months ago, due to uncertainties surrounding "Brexit"!

  • pmt853
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    5 months ago

    Worth less in England than where? One US dollar is worth less than one British pound.

  • Clive
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    5 months ago

    In terms of exchange rate, or what you can buy with it?

    In terms of exchange rate, the dollar is smaller than the pound, so when you exchange money, you will end up with a smaller number of pounds. But each one is worth more. How much more varies from time to time and you see the exchange rate varying from day to day. If you're spending using a credit or debit card, you'll notice when you see your statement that whatever you spend in pounds will be converted to a larger number of dollars. This does NOT mean your money is worth less, just that we use a bigger unit so the actual numbers are smaller.

    As for what it's worth in terms of what you can buy for the equivalent of a dollar, that varies between things depending on what it is. For a couple of examples, food tends to be cheaper in the UK because there is a large agricultural subsidy to keep prices down and there is no sales tax on most food. But hire a car in the UK and you may be alarmed at the cost of fuel. I just went past a petrol station today and it was £1.31 per litre. That may not seem too bad, but remember a litre is only just over 2 US pints (around 1 3/4 British pints), so multiply by 4 to get a rough conversion to £ per US gallon.

    Which is another thing about the UK - many things are sold in metric measure, so it may help to know some metric conversions. You might not be buying food by weight, but if you look around a supermarket, it might help to know what g, kg and litres ARE!

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  • 5 months ago

    US money is worth US dollars.

    Pounds Sterling are worth Pounds Sterling.

    A shop keeper exchanges their goods for your currency. That they accept Japanese Yen Euros £ or $ for payment is their choice.

    Let’s say i want to spend 70 pounds on something. Simple the price is 70 £

    That you get your pounds by selling your beads, your coins, your pieces of paper is up to you.

    The price is 70 £ it is not sold in Japanese Yen or US dollars.

    This item in US currency is just under $90 US . In other words your $90 buys £ 70 worth of stuff.

    The shopkeeper can decide any exchange rate they want to for their goods. Banks have their own rates of exchange.

    As a general rule you get the best rate using a Bank and paying the shopkeeper in their currency.

    A shop in England does not have to accept foreign currency.. They DO NOT have to give a good exchange rate.

    Stuff just has different prices in different countries. A quart of milk, a gallon of gasoline, a loaf of bread.

    What you can purchase with your Dollar is not the same in the USA and other country. What a person from England can get for a £ is what they can get. When they shop in USA they pay US prices.if they use £ the US seller decides what exchange rate they will give.

    Gasoline/petrol is more expensive in England a loaf of bread is cheaper.

    • Clive
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      5 months agoReport

      Shopkeepers do not decide exchange rates. They just don't accept whatever isn't the national currency.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    US Dollar to Pound Sterling currency exchange rate

    1 USD = 0.8 GBP

    Today USD to GBP exchange rate = 0.79542

  • 5 months ago

    £1 is equal to about 80 cents at todays exchange rate.

    If you were to exchange $10, then you would receive £7.95.

  • 5 months ago

    The English standard is 1 lb and 1 lb is equal to $1.26 in England.

  • 5 months ago

    No, it isn't, it's worth the same as in the US or anywhere else, but you can't spend it there.

  • 5 months ago

    It's worth the same thing, but the Pound is worth more so you end up paying more for stuff due to the exchange rate.

    • John P
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      4 months agoReport

      You seem to be confusing US dollars with pounds. How will you fare if you go to Europe, or China, or India etc?! All places have different currencies; those in Britain and Europe are similar to the US dollar, but the others are very different.

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