Will having a portable router in my house slow down my current internet?

I already have a router and wifi provided by Verizon, but my brother is complaining that my devices are using up all the wifi

(specifically my xbox).

Would getting a portable router slow down our current wifi even more or would it be okay? Also, I know that they re small but do you think one would be able to support simply watching Hulu on an xbox?

3 Answers

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    6 months ago

    streaming video takes a lot of bandwidth. if both of you stream video at the same time, one of you's connection will suffer.

    portable router won't increase your speed. only paying your ISP more will.

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  • 6 months ago

    I'm assuming you mean something like a hotspot that connects to 3G/4G. It wouldn't slow down your existing Wi-fi (Wi-fi routers can detect other routers and switch channels), but it probably wouldn't be good enough to stream high definition video, and you would need an unlimited data plan.

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  • 6 months ago

    Getting another router won't do a single thing forgiving you any more bandwidth! If your devices are using up your available bandwidth getting router won't do a single thing for you.

    The only thing that will do anything for you is paying to increase your bandwidth or in other words getting a more expensive internet plan that has more available internet speed.

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