Does Tacoma Washington get really cold?

My family and I are pcs'ing to Ft. Lewis and our concern is the weather. We are part of the EFMP program.and my daughter has sickle cell which causes a crisis in cold weather. Does anyone have advice on what we should do to avoid any issues because I'm not sure why efmp would send us to a cold climate knowing this.

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  • TQ
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    5 months ago





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  • 5 months ago

    It càn get down to freezing often in winter, but à wet region,lots of rain.

  • Mrsjvb
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    5 months ago

    The orders are for him. You don’t have to go, but he does. Being on EFMP does not guarantee duty stations that only meet your child’s needs. He goes where he is needed.

  • .
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    5 months ago

    Mostly cool winters with lotsa rain, some snow, but rare

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  • RICK
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    5 months ago

    Actually for as far north as it is it has a fairly mild climate

    Average daily (night time) lows for Dec, Jan and Feb are mid to high 30s F

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