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Can you swim in the Hudson Bay?

No pedants, please. Don't respond with something like:

"Depends on what you define swimming as."


"Yes, you can swim in the Hudson Bay, but you'll freeze."

and so on.

What I'm asking is if it's practical enough to swim in it to where some people actually do it. A friend who's from MN said that few people swim in Lake Superior even in summer because the water is always cold. So I imagine the Hudson Bay would be worse?

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    It is not practical.

    Water temperature peaks at 8–9 °C (46–48 °F) on the western side of the bay in late summer. That is too cold for human survival for any length of time. Death could occur in 30-45 minutes.

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    The town of Churchill is located amid Hudson Bay.

    Tourists go there to tour the town dump. Aboard

    an armored bus with heavy gage protective wire

    screens bolted about all glass windows. Paws

    have scarred to bus exterior for years as beasts

    lean on the bus with clear intent of eating all the

    occupants. When the snowbanks around bay

    water are seen to 'blink' that is where the worst

    swim threat is coming from. Appetite stalks

    Hudson bay, swims all water, and never plays

    with any food. Bay residents all have credible

    accounts of lives lost by ambush or pursuit.

    Can reader swim with a loaded .44 magnum?

    As that's the minimum weaponry to survive

    Hudson Bay visits. I recommend the train

    ride to Churchill and for the experienced

    assistance needed to survive swimming.

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    Only swim where you are allowed to. Conservatives break the law enough.

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    Hudson Bay freezes over in the winter (I guess that's no surprise to anyone). Usually the ice is gone by August but it begins to freeze over again in October or November.

    Could you swim in it? Of course you could! There are people who swim in icy water on purpose, believing it to be healthy. You could probably even swim in the winter, once the ice breaks up. Might not be the safest thing, but COULD you? Sure.

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    If I were you, I'd find another means to find out such as joining a discussion group of a town on the Hudson Bay. Yahoo Answers is inhabited primarily by "people" who probably couldn't find the Hudson Bay on a map let alone Canada.

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