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to older generation (generation x or older), I have a question and a statement?

once a yahoo member here answered a question and he said 'our ancestors weren't lazy like you millennial' I just wanted to clarify that the his generation wasn't respectful unlike our ancestors.

*respect your elders fallacy

*just because you have more experience doesn't make you right

*younger generations didn't have any advantages of the older generations (they started with everything, millennial (and generation z) started with nothing

*picking on the people your suppose to be supporting - real mature

and my question is where did your hatred for millennial come from?


you also transferred laziness in our genetic code while you got genes that were modified to make you stronger then generations after you. it's the only thing that explains why you never get tired.

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    I'm a baby boomer so I'm REALLY old. The old guy who said that was stating his opinion. Perhaps he's had negative experience with millennials. That doesn't give him the right to imply ALL millennials are disrespectful.

    Times have changed and to be honest, I have noticed a lack of respect for others but I won't say it's just millennials.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    I’m older than generation x, and you’re right, it’s an absurd prejudice against the millenials.

    Old people have done this since the dawn of time - pour sh!t in the younger generation.

    I remember when I was young thinking, I’m never going to do that when I’m old.

    And now I’m old, I don’t do it.

    You just have to ignore them. If it’s any consolation, our older generation poured sh!t on us when we were young. I remember them going on and on about people having long hair, and complaining about rock music.

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    5 months ago

    I'm a Brit and my ancestors were anything but lazy. Dad born in 1912 and Mum in 1916.They worked tremendously long hours in appalling circumstances for a pittance. There were no benefits and free handouts for those out of work. Those people had to rely on family members helping them out. Some had to queue for long periods of time hoping that a few hours of work would be handed to them. I came along in 1942 and things were slightly better for some but the war was still ongoing and that in itself caused hardship also (and fear). The one thing you could never accuse my parents' generation of being was LAZY. They wore themselves out trying to keep some warmth in the house, food on our plates and clothes on our backs.

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    5 months ago

    Too bad you have not lived through the depression, talk about having nothing. Everything they have they worked hard for and had to save to get it. There were no free rides.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Most elderly people do NOT hate the millenials.

    But many do not understand them and that makes it hard to accept them.

    Only SOME hate, and that is only those people who never found their inner happiness, are confused and afraid of all the changes around them .. and IN them (their body falling apart, facing death) ... so rather than face their fear and pain, they try to throw it off through hatred.

    This is why people fight, which people, hate, why people are mean. They are afraid to face their own inner fear/pain and have to blame someone else for it, rather than face it and work with it.

    This is a skill you have to START in your 30's .. in your 40's, at the latest .. or you end up being one of those frightened people when YOU get old.

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    Every 'new' generation will be slightly different then the one before it. That doesn't make them bad or more lazy than their predecessor. Just slightly different. And where you are born and raised makes a big difference in the way you see other generations.

  • Zirp
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    5 months ago

    "where did your hatred for millennial come from?"

    From stupid generalisations like yours?

    Most of us are smart enough to understand that NOTHING is the fault of a specific generation

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Ones with hate in them are following on to the Devil.

  • 5 months ago

    Way too long..simplify

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