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Is my girlfriend acting too childish?

I really like it when she does that, but sometimes I wonder if that is childish. She loves rubbing her head and face into my chest, gives me those little kisses and hugs me tight with her head on my chest. Then she calls me ' prince charming, my future husband, my blondie, and says I am hers and no one else's'. She always looks at me with those heart shaped eyes and sometimes she runs into my arms and shouts my name.

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    Take this answer to heart, son, because I want to tell you the truth about this.

    Yes, your girlfriend is too immature (not childish) but that is NOT a bad thing. The way she's acting towards you is honestly what men all across our country wish our girlfriends/fiances/wives would do to us. Never discourage this, ever. Once this cute act is gone, it's gone forever. Her innocence will be lost, and the cute factor will never be authentic again. Sure, it might be embarrassing at times and you might feel ashamed to know her when she does it in public, but this is the purest form of love you will EVER get. Also, do not exploit it either. Sex stuff is at her pace, not yours.

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      Perspective from a woman—as we go through the ups and downs of life, we ALL become more mature and, yes, a little less “cute”. But life is hard, and you’ll be glad of a resilient partner standing by your side.
      Enjoy young love. And if your princess one day becomes your Queen, bless her for that too.

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    I don't think so.

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    Count your blessings. Most of us don't have that, Pal.

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    Perspective from a woman — I just want to point out that as we go through the ups and downs of life, we all — male and female — become more mature and, yes, a little less “cute”. Women may mourn the loss of that young, romantic “prince” just as much as men mourn the loss of their cute, innocent “princess”. But if all goes well, you’ll both be trading those characteristics for stronger, more resilient ones.

    My husband and I have been together for 25 years. We’ve been through a lot —financial struggles, illness, other things I won’t burden you with. There have been times when leaning on each other was the only thing keeping us standing. I’m sure there are men who want a childlike, dependent partner. But life can be hard, and it’s easier to face with someone standing by your side instead of hanging on your arm.

    Enjoy young love. And if your princess one day becomes your Queen, bless her for that too.

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    she is just soooo into you. enjoy it till it last.

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    Have you just decided to write a short romantic story here? It's not a place, there are lots of web sites where you can do it...

    She just loves you so much... don't worry, it'll be over...

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    Enjoy it while it lasts. The 'maturity' that replaces it has hard edges - it's nowhere near as good

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    Agreed. Nothing wrong with that at all!

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    Sounds like a girl that is in love and she's not afraid to show it. There's nothing childish about that in my opinion.

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