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How to get a corporate company to get recycle bins?

So I currently work at arbys and the longer I work there the more the amount of recyclable materials is just appalling. Obviously I can t just say hey we should get a recycling bin but I dont know what steps to take to start with atleast recycling our mass amount of boxes and such. I m not expecting it to be a snap and done change but any help atleast making an effort would be greatly appreciated

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  • John
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    5 months ago

    Um you are probably mstaken or the recycling bins stolen and not replaced.

    It's very illegal for any business to not recycle.

    All businesses have to recycle or it's shutdown time.

    I've seen that recycling​ girl on television many times and what she says is true. Recycle.

    You should tell your supervisor or call your recycling pickup and tell them to bring the bins back you know you must recycle.

    All business must recycle.

    Recycling is one of the most important things we can do for our environment.


  • 5 months ago

    If your company has a suggestion system use that, if you don't you could talk to your manager but that might not work so go slowly.

  • Mr. P
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    5 months ago

    You can ask a waste company to provide a cardboard compactor if they have a lot of it. Then sell it as a marketable product.

    The local council has a responsibility to remove trash, and most will supply recycling bins as well if asked.

  • Eva
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    5 months ago

    Most fast food places have a separate dumpster for recyclable cardboard. Separate bins are necessary for plastics, glass, or metal.

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  • 5 months ago

    Did you know that there is no market for recycled garbage, and most of the stuff in separate bins is now really going to the dump. So, to use oil, the main ingredient in those plastic bins, and energy to produce and transport more of those bins, and then to use oil and steel to produce more trucks to use oil to drive around and pick them up separately, has what net effect?

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