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Do I really need to study the drivers manual to pass my permit test?

Couldn't I just study the online test or DMV app instead of reading the book word for word? It's just too much for me. The app is a really good app. I've learned a few things from studying it. I'm just wanting to know if I can pass by just studying the practice test instead of the actual book? Please don't be rude, thanks

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    Driving a car is not a game, thousands are killed every year in RTA's. Any understanding of driving that you can get is vital

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    You might be able to, some people could probably pass the test without doing or reading any of those things. I guess the real question is how bad do you want to pass?

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    In California, if you memorize the online tests (8 of them) you will fail the driver's exam because only about half of the questions asked on the actual driver's test are asked in the the online practice tests.

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    Try it. If you fail, you can always take the test again. I had to take my driver's license test 4 times before I passed.

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