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Anonymous asked in TravelAustraliaSouth Australia (Adelaide) · 9 months ago

What kind of place is Victor Harbour?

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago
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    It's a small town along the Fleurieu Peninsula (Website*)

    quite busy at peak season with tourists there are quite

    a few good pubs ("hotels") and a fantastic causeway to

    Granite Island where you can go by horse drawn tram to

    see Penguins in the rocks (at certain times very delicately)

    Victor Harbour is more a district really with outlying areas

    well worth visiting like The Bluff and Glacler Rock (Cafe)

    There are some good caravan and campsites too near plenty

    of shops both regular (supermarkets) and quaint and a market

    Victor as affectionately known is a few hours drive from Adelaide

    and there is a bus service from the City to Victor Harbour as well

    Source(s): Lived Adelaide aged 9 y/o to 17 y/o parents had a caravan at "Victor"
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