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How safe is South East London?

How safe is Lambeth in South East? I know it sounds really stupid asking this then I am planning to go there and I was told it has one of the highest drug rates or robberies?

I live about 20 minutes away from the “safest” borough in London (Richmond) which with had 75 percent less attacks compared to most parts of South London or South East London.


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    You posted in the right section, but there is no 100% answer to your question. People live in Lambeth for years and never see a hint of trouble, but you might walk through Knightsbridge and see an armed robbery taking place.

    Be street smart and it's very, very unlikely you'll be caught up in any trouble.

  • TSK
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    5 months ago

    Some of Lambeth is SW....

  • 5 months ago

    Fairly safe

    You can check crime rates for whichever specific area you're interested in online

  • Clive
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    It depends on which part. The London Eye and Waterloo station are in Lambeth borough. I also worked close to the borough for several years at the Elephant & Castle. As long as you aren't planning to hang around some council housing estate, especially at night, you should be fine.

    • Connor5 months agoReport

      I went to Lambeth North, Near Imperial War Museum. I’ve searched up the Crime stats and the Crime rates is significantly lower in my area compared to Lambeth North by almost half.

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    5 months ago

    This might help if you know or can look up the postcode of where in Lambeth you will be going:

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