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Does my situation sound pretty normal?

I have a Computer Science degree, but I was kind of an average student in college. When I graduated from college, it seemed like companies didn't want to hire me for Software Engineering positions. So I got an IT job at a smaller company that pays about $10,000k less than the average salary in my major. I've almost gotten jobs at large companies such as Honeywell for Quality Engineer positions, IT positions, or for Data Analyst related positions.

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  • Kyle
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    5 months ago
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    just a degree isn't always enough these days. some companies need a degree AND experience for even entry level jobs in the field. that's where internships would've come in handy.

    if your company doesn't give you a raise in a year or two, or have advancement opportunities within, start looking elsewhere.

    even look at the government for employment. CIA, FBI, NSA and other agencies will have jobs in the IT field.

    you could even join the military. you could apply for officers training or enlist with your degree at a higher grade. they have plenty of jobs within the IT field.

  • Mark M
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    5 months ago

    Kind of average will haunt you on your first job. You will learn more in the next 2 years than you learned in collage. With work experience, you can learn what kind of software engineer they want. (they may be 57 different flavors). And learn the special skills they are looking for. Remember to network, I got several great jobs that way.

    Retired engineer..

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    " kind of an average student " sounds like that could be worth $10k lower pay.

    < I've almost gotten jobs >

    Just like fishing, the big ones always get away.

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