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Is it true that purposely tried getting Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch together?

I heard that they originally wanted to do this power couple thing with Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair, With Roman Reigns the top man of WWE and Charlotte Falir the top woman of WWE, but they couldn't because Roman Reigns was already married. And that now they have made Seth Rollins the top man of WWE and Becky Lynch the top woman of WWE, and are now doing it with them now instead. And that they purposely tried getting them together to do the story line. Is this true?


Is it true that WWE purposely tried getting getting Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch together?

Title correction. You fools.

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    Nah pretty sure its not true, but wouldn't surprise me if it was haha

    i remember a year or so back i think apparently vince purposely tried getting ziggler and lana together, Despite lana being in a very happy relationship with rusev.....i think after she posted a pic of her engagement ring out on twitter, apparently vince lost it and cancelled the entire storyline LOL

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    I don’t think it was forced but possibly they know that being a couple could be good for their careers , they be the couple on screen etc it feels a little contrived top man and woman in WWE

  • It's a pretty well known fact that Roman Reigns is married and has children and that Charlotte Flair is also married, so if WWE tried to go with that storyline, they would be exposed thanks to Social Media, just like they were exposed years ago when they tried to pretend that Kofi Kingston was of Jamaican Ancestry, when in fact his Family was from Ghana. WWE figured that WWE Fans could find Jamaica on a map easier than Ghana.

    As Kye states, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch have known each other for a long time before this romance went public. As WWE has shown time and time again, they have no problem exploiting real life relationships. ,

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    Roman reigns is married and a Father and everyone knows that, it would have really messed up Roman's reinterpretation. I cannot picture Seth Rollins, a Iowa kid getting involved with a red haired Irishwoman, They just don't go together

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    I think it is great. In the future, they should do an angle where all couples do a big orgy together, like the Monday night after wrestlemania. Jealousy occurs. Then boom you got blazing hot feuds for the whole year. Imagine Roman rimjobbing Lana, and Ruru bludgeoning him with barbwire bat. Shinsuke slapping Becky in the face with his penus and Seth is pissed. Or how bout Usos doing twin magic on Naomi, then Dolph wants some sloppy third. Chaos I tell ya. Too easy, this stuff writes itself.

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    No. They have not been forced into being a couple Becky and Seth have known each other a long time and were together for a while before any of this came to TV. This is just Vince's way of exploiting their relationship

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