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What is the best place to go in the Cotswolds?

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    Although on the edge of the Cotswolds, the City of Bath at the Soutthern end and Blehmeim Place at the Northern end near Oxford, are both wonderful places to visit. Bilbury (near Cirencester) is a beautiful example of a traditional cotswold village, so too are Upper and lower Slaughter. There's something for everyone really - even those who like prehistory with the Rollright Stones. Visit a tourist website and pick what interests you most.

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    Nick Clegg's house

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    the Cotswolds is a district not a single place

    suggest you do some research online or in a travel guide book to find what you are interested in there

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    morton in the marsh is good .as is evesham

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    Broadway tower has fantastic views across central England, well worth a visit

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    What for? Hiking? Looking at pretty villages?

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    The Cotswolds sounds like a very peaceful, quiet place to live!

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    See Google Earth and find evidence of wild camping locations.

    If popular you see where scoundrels trod in addition to their trash.

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