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What is better a gas powered bicycle or a electric bicycle?

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  • David
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    5 months ago
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    There is no set answer to that, it depends on preferences and usage.

    And possibly local laws.

    An ebike will be quieter and less polluting. But a good one probably more expensive, particularly when compared to a 2-stroke kit.

    Ebikes take longer to recharge than gas bikes take to refuel. If you want to do high mileages daily and don’t want another battery(exepensive), a gas bike is probably better.

    Ebikes are easy to use in the manner that you are the primary power source and the motor only assist. Gas bikes tend to be ridden in the opposite way.

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    Gas is far more efficient. In that as long as you have gas and no mechanical issues, power doesn't diminish. With small cc engines you can get as much as 200 mpg. I personally prefer 4 stroke engines over 2 stroke engines. The 4 strokes produce less noise and exhaust smell. I have a 5 quart see through tank on my bike now. Therefore I can go 250 miles before needing to fill up. A battery will take up far more space than my tank and at best only give you 35-50 miles.

    What some are building on the motorized bicycle forums is gas electric hybrids. The electric motor provides assist to a small cc gas engine. When the bike is moving forward at a certain speed and the electric motor isn't providing an assist the motor becomes a generator and puts charge back into the battery. When this technology is developed better you may see gas/electric hybrid bicycles that can get as high as 300 mpg.

    Since my bike shifts gears automatically I've never been passed by a pedal only bicycle going up hill. However on these 20%+ grade hills in Tennessee I've passed a lot of pedal only bicycles and 49 cc scooters which can't shift gears.

    The 49cc 4 stroke bike in the picture was built by the late KC Vale and could obtain speeds of 35 mph.

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    • Land Rider Jerry
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      Space consumed for distance and speed obtained is part of motorized efficacy. This is why the gas/electric hybrid is quickly becoming the most efficient form of motorized transportation.

  • 5 months ago

    Better for what? They both leave a 'carbon footprint'. A gas powered engine produces carbon monoxide. And most electricity today is still being produced through coal fired plants. Plus, the batteries are a pain in the butt to properly dispose of once depleted.

    What's wrong with Pedal Power? 💪 Hell...I once passed a guy on a 49 cc scooter - going UPHILL on this bicycle.

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  • 5 months ago

    Walking is better by far

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Electric bikes are noiseless.

  • Sky
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    5 months ago

    Go with a leg-powered bicycle.

  • 5 months ago

    Define "better", or at least your application and local laws.

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