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Do I have cancer?

Hi there. I don’t know if this is right place to ask this question or not but I feel like it is so I am giving it a try.

I am 36 years old male.

Until 1 year ago everything was fine. I don’t even know what was the frequency of my urination because it was so normal.

One year ago I noticed that when I needed to urinate it was hard to stop. And the urge to urinate didn’t build up slowly. It would immediately start at the level like almost I was holding it for 2 hours. And I would have to rush to toilet. But the frequency was the same. At least I didn’t notice I had to go to toilet more often than before.

Now after a year I find that immediate urge to go to toilet has gone. It’s more realistic now. It slowly builds up. However frequency has definitely increased. I’d say I do it 8-10 times a day. Have to wake up at night once which I didn’t need to a year ago.

No blood. Most of the time light yellow, sometimes dark yellow, other times white.

Both parents take medication for sugar but nothing alarming. They have it under control. Dad has high cholesterols. I have high cholesterols but under control. I was given medicine but stopped couple of years ago.

Please give suggestions if you can. Thank you.

PS. I used to be alcoholic but stopped completely 16 months ago but not because of any health reasons.

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    I think prostate cancer is more likely to be the opposite reaction, taking longer to go. You are also under the general age that it would be an issue (this is not 100% but it is rare at your age).

    Diabetes can affect urination as can many other things that I as a non Doctor could only guess at and maybe be wrong about.

    If things have changed significantly go see a doctor. Urine and blood tests may give them a clue.

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    That sounds like something a diabetic would go through.

    This gentleman in my nutrition class said he would always go pee a lot before finding out he had diabetes.

    Now that he takes medication and works out that doesn't happen but that's him, not you.

    Go to a clinic if you don't have a PC Dr.

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    You sound like you may be diabetic. Have your blood sugar tested. If your parents are diabetic then they should have test strips although you should go see a doctor for a glycosated hemoglobin test (HbA1c). 70-120 mg/dL is considered normal for fasting blood sugar, and anything under 7% on the HbA1c test is normal (although under 5% is preferable). Having both parents with high blood sugar and high cholesterol is practically a guarantee that you will have the same, so take the necessary precautions to avoid a heart attack or stroke.

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    No that’s more likely another problem

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    Why ? you get up in the night to pee the same as millions of other people. If you drink any liquid after 6 pm, by the middle of the night it is down in your bladder and needs to come out.

    You are normal.

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    Best to see your doctor.Could even be kidney issue but get a full check with bloods

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    I don't know, nor does anybody else on this site. Go see a doctor if you have any medical concerns. People on yahoo are just teenagers who are bored.

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      Darn, you caught me. I am a bored 58 year old teenager on permanent disability.

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    Frequent urination means you could be diabetic or you have an enlarge prostate. Or you could be drinking way too much water.

    Could you have cancer. Possibly bladder cancer. Cancer are out of control cells that refuses to die so it forms into a clump of cells. If it’s pushing against your bladder, it could cause you to pee more frequently.

    Ask your doctor if you want the proper diagnosis.

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    You know? If you went to a doctor and told them what you told us, they would do tests. Even they would not make a diagnosis. But, I`ll be as definant as I can; Maybe, maybe not.

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    do you know who can tell you if you have cancer or not? A DOCTOR. i don't mean to be rude, but i don't know what you want us to say.

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