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Can a King in Chess move into danger in this scenario?

If the white king is on a8 and the white rook is on a1 and the black king is on b6, can the white king legally move to a7 since the black king couldn't capture the white king since that would put itself in check with the rook? (Yes I know you don't capture the king in chess). Could the white king check the black king in this scenario? Please no guessing or assumptions. Only answer if you know for sure please.

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    Kings can't move into check under any circumstance. Kings threaten the squares all around them, so that action would mean the white King is putting itself into check. The situation with the rook is 100% irrelevant.

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    But the king would take your king, and the game is OVER at that point.......do you don't get a NEXT move.

    The game ENDS with your captured king.

    and besides, legally speaking, you can't move into check yourself............that is essentially forfeiting the game.

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    No. A king can never put itself in check, including being in the range of the opposite king. The only moves white can make are moving the king to b8 and moving the rook along the a file or 1 rank.

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    if you could capture a king in chess, than your opponent being able to capture a king on the next move wouldn't matter, right? the game would already be over when you captured the king. same thing with this.

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  • 5 months ago

    You can not move a king into check or checkmate. Game is over.

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