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J.D asked in Consumer ElectronicsHome Theater · 5 months ago

Acoustic surface from Sony?


I have a denon hi fi receiver 2.2 channels. I'm an audiophile nerd. I am considering buying a Sony oled TV with the acoustic surface screen.

My question is even though my receiver is a 2.2 receiver could I set up the TV to be the center channel connect them via HDMI 2.2 or digital signal and not use the TV's dedicated speaker terminals?

I keep seeing videos that you can make the TV to a dedicated center speaker but my receiver doesn't have the center terminal.

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  • Lance
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    5 months ago

    You need a 5.1 surround sound decoder...Its possible that your Denon 2.2 actual has a 5.1 surround decoder inside ..Many of those propitiatory units use off the shelf chips in there own configuration and so it might have that capability whither or not you can access that feature with out modification is another story...if its easy something should be mentioned about it in the manual for the Denon unit get a hold of the manual and read it cover to cover.

  • 5 months ago

    No, not in any way I can think of..

    You need a receiver with an appropriate surround sound decoder to get the centre channel out of whatever signal you are putting through it.

    Try and get one with Dolby pro-logic decode as well as digital surround, so you can get the centre channel from analog / stereo sources.

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