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What hotel in Las Vegas do you think offers the most bang for the buck?

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  • MS
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    1 year ago
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    I think Flamingo is the best bargain on the strip. It's been renovated not long ago, so the rooms are relatively updated and very nice. The pool area is great, and its location on the strip can't be beat. Rates are usually very good here, which makes it quite a deal.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Depends on what your "bang" may be. If you insist on constant party, try Planet Hollywood. If you want someplace sedate, go for one of the hotels away from the Strip and maybe away from Fremont. If you just want something cheap but nice and have reasonable and cheap access to all the shows and stuff, use a hotel on Fremont. Most hotel rooms in LV are pretty good. Most cut out the outside noise and are clean. There are some questionable "dives" that you may prefer to avoid that will not be so predictable. They look like small, old motels or small hotels with no glitz.

  • GENE
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    1 year ago

    El Cortez very reasonable prices downtown - call direct and don't use

    middlemen because the cost increases. Once you are there, use public

    transportation - every place downtown and on the strip is interesting.

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  • Ludwig
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    1 year ago

    The ones off strip.

  • 1 year ago

    A hotel room is a bed to sleep in. Unless you want to rent a fancy cabana poolside, you can walk up and down the Strip and enjoy the casinos, restaurants, bars, etc in every casino. Join their player's clubs and they'll send you offers for deals on rooms. Having said that, I like the rooms at the Venetian best- they're huge!

  • Jay P
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    1 year ago

    That depends on what you want from your hotel and hotel room... Do you want a hotel with a good location? A scenic view? A large pool? A casino or no casino in the hotel? Clubs and/or restaurants in the hotel? A large hotel or a smaller/boutique hotel? Etc., etc., etc.

    When I am in Vegas, I spend very little time in my room, aside from sleeping so I look for a hotel with a good location on The Strip and that is relatively comfortable ( I've stayed at close to 10 different hotels and the only one I was disappointed with was The Plaza on Fremont St. but to be fair, that was over 10 years ago when it was quite run-down. I know it has since been renovated )

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