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If 500 people show up for dinner and you had no idea there would be more than 10, you might want very much to feed them. And you might have?

plenty of money.

But, wouldn't you agree, it takes time to prepare?

And have you ever dealt with "GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT" military types?

Take a day and make it months, now.


[This is NOT about Trump since he funded them already. This is about CBP and a massive, sudden flood of migrants]

Can't we be reasonable about the time it takes to work within govt procurement speeds and suddenly prepare for something totally unexpected?

This would have gone down the exact same way under Obama, Clinton or either Bush.

Numbers are numbers.


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  • 5 months ago

    And you might have?

    ...................Five loaves and two fishes?

    Come on! You're continually boasting about being a "Christian nation" - What's the problem?

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