Book about girl that visits dad during summer, goes camping with friend and his dad, finds out friend has special abilities?

Book set in America. A girl goes to stay with her dad in a different state. One night they have dinner with her dad's friend who is her childhood friend's dad. They have plans to go camping like they do every year. Her friend has changed and wants to avoid her. She goes in the forest with her dads friend and son and her dad is supposed to come join them in a few days. In the woods she figures out a secret about her friend. He has some kind of special abilities. I only read the first few chapters and now I can't find the book again. I think the boy has some kind of seizure in the woods and he is able to run fast. Also I think something happens to his skin, like he gets burned but heals fast or something like that.

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  • j153e
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    A similar story: Tree Shepherd's Daughter; California Valley girl goes to a different state to visit her dad, learns he's an Elf.

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