First date back with an ex.?

Hey guys so tomorrow is my birthday and my ex agreed to spend time with me. We text everyday but I’m trying to win her back and show her I’ve changed. I was thinking about a stargazing date on the beach with some music and her favorite candy? Would it be too much? If so what would be a good date idea for us?

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  • steve
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    1 year ago

    Don't know only ever gone back to an ex once.

    I met her in a bar and we had both had quite a lot to drink and were both like 'why did we break up?' That was enough we went to her house and had the best sex ever.

    Then I left at 6 am went to work and have never seen or heard from her since.

    If you have broken up with someone there was a reason.

    If she is your ex you need to work out why she is your ex and put what was wrong between you right.

    But honestly If you have tried and it didn't work it is not a good idea to try again.

    If it didn't work first time round then to make it work now means one or both of you are going to have to compromise and that is not the base for a relationship.

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  • 1 year ago

    Were you so bad that you need extravagant gestures to show you've changed? Your suggestion is a bit of a mixed message date isn't it? I thought stargazing was something done as deeply romantic and hardly needs embellishments like candy and music! A rose or two maybe, but keep to the theme of romance. Or keep the candy and the music, but find a different venue.

    Anyway, it's not what you do to persuade her on your make-up date, but how you plan to conduct yourself around her during your resumed romance that counts.

    • gregory1 year agoReport

      She says she wants to be friends right now so I don’t want to be too pushy. But I am hoping we do have a intimate moment because I miss her so much.

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