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How do I tell my boyfriend I hate this...?

We tried a new restaurant a few years back and he fell in love with the food. Since we went there he keeps surprising me to meals out at this place for my birthday/our anniversary. The problem is I am a vegetarian and the only option for me is a salad. I've told him I'm not keen on the place anymore but he still gets so excited about taking me there. I don't want to seem ungrateful that he wants to take me out but I wish we could go somewhere I like I've tried dropping hints about places I like but he rolls his nose up.... Any advice would be appreciated. :)

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    Find a restaurant you both like that serves vegan as well as other dishes.

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    Just tell him the truth. There's no point in holding it in and becoming more resentful. Every guy will respond positively to criticism when it's phrased as a criticism as a specific action rather than an attack on himself personally. Just tell him for your birthday or an anniversary, you would like go someplace that has food more to your liking. When it's his birthday, or some celebration related to him, you'll happily go wherever he wants. For just any regular date, you want to go to someplace you both can enjoy.

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      Thanks for the answer but I did tell him I didn't want to go there and asked if we could go somewhere else instead. He said it's his favourite restaurant what can I do?

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    Be honest with him and let him know you appreciate his thoughts and efforts for you by bringing you there but you'd really like to go somewhere else that's new for you two. Hopefully he'll get the hint.

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